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Interracial sex discovery

It’s widely perceived that white women only recently discovered interracial sex.

A recent survey of openly Black owned white wives revealed that their white mothers were equally attracted to BBC and were never satisfied with their white men. They always wanted to try interracial.
Societal pressure kept them relegated to fingering their pussies thinking about virile black men. When discussing vacation plans with their white husbands it was always black inhabited islands like Jamaica or Bahamas for them, never Hawaii.
They did everything possible to get close to black men, and once out of sight of acquaintances, quite a few daring white mothers were seduced by local black men and used as fuck toys, which evoked an inexplicable immense feeling of fulfillment- like their reason for existence has been achievedInterracial sex discoveryInterracial sex discoveryInterracial sex discoveryInterracial sex discoveryInterracial sex discoveryInterracial sex discovery

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6 thoughts on “Interracial sex discovery

  1. not that Im disagreeing (I know our white women must be given a good dicking by a BBC), but what survey? Mind sharing the survey?

    1. Amen that. We can use scientific evidence to shed more light on this phenomenon. Though not focusing on IR adultery, a couple of good books are David Ley’s “Insatiable Wives” and Matt Ridley’s “The Red Queen.”

  2. you know us white boys like to see our wives and girls get a good fucking from our black buddies my first wife was fucking black dudes in the early 1960’s . my present wife got her ass busted on july 4 1976 , the cable went out and she called the cable co.about midnight to her surprise a good looking black dude came out at one am in the morning .I had a good view from the picture window ,she had told me to go get some beer. she was sitting on the couch in a mini dress top open the bottom open to make a long story short it took him about two minutes and he was hanging 10 inches prime black meat to her white ass I enjoying this very much she is still sucking bbc once a week or more and so is all of friends

  3. jungle fever a lot of woman fantasy but it was taboo. but now I see more white woman in stores anywhere with black guys. and a lot of white guys like me get off on it. some let there wives fuck in front. but most jerk off to fantasy. I was lucky enough to see it happen for real.

  4. My wife wanted to have sex with a black guy who has hit on her at work. She did not want to do it without my permission. After giving it some thought and realizing that if I said no she might get raped, I said yes. She called me at work the next day and said she would be late tonight. She did not come home until after 11 pm. it was the best sex of her life and that she had 4 orgasms. I have now agreed that she should only have black men now and I have willingly been put in chastity. I get so horny. I am happy to suck him and her to be let out to masturbate in front of them

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