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Interracial sperm competition

Interracial sperm competition
white men are incapable of repeating this process beacause they lack
A) Lenght to reach black men’s sperm pool
B) Girth to trap and remove black sperm
C) Sperm production to outperform black semen

1) The uncircumcised Black Penis reaches the depths of the white vagina.

2) It finds and passes the white husband’s sperm pool.

3) The foreskin retracts with the thrust, and the white man’s semen collects behind the ridge of the glands.

4) When the penis pulls back, the white man’s semen is trapped underneath the foreskin and removed from the area around the white cervix.

5) With each thrust the process repeats until the area near the white cervix is cleansed of all white sperm.

6) The black man then ejaculates a quarter cup of semen onto the white cervix. The black semen has no competition to fertilize the white egg.
Interracial sperm competition

5 thoughts on “Interracial sperm competition

  1. Lmfao, what a crock of bullshit. My views of this site are changing, while i do love the pictures and a lot of the stories the tone is changing to demeaning and racist. I now look at the site like a comedy site with hot pictures. Sad because i “HAD” wanted to get into interracial, or have interracial get deep into me, but if this is the real mentality i gues i will pass.

    1. Pump the brakes for a second: its WHITE guys like ‘wimp’ (the poster) who come up with this outrageous shit lol
      We Black men are here to meet sexy women such as yourself, minus the dumb shit. Never pat attention to a man who calls himself ‘wimp’.

  2. I don’t think that the comments above about sperm competition are to be taken too seriously, rather its a sexual fetish written by a chap in a state of arousal.
    I myself am aroused when on this site and my brain ? thinks things that I wouldn’t discuss in polite company.

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