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introducing myself to bbc community

Hi all… here are some pics of me to introduce myself. Comment what you’d do to me. How you’d make me your little slut. Negative comments will only dissuade me from posting anything else. Anyway, every time I go out with my husband without fail I am being checked out by men, black men always are the most straightforward. P.s. I have never been with one. Last week we were walking around the mall and this black man wouldn’t stop staring, he walked up to me while my hubby was sitting down, outside and started flirting with me, he was really attractive so I flirted right back. He started telling me how I was such a tease which I am I love teasing,it just makes sex so much more intense. I began going to the mall constantly, wearing slutty clothes to tease and attract black men, something about me drives them wild;). I’m ready to take black cock now, I’ve moved from teasing and fantasizing about it to being more assertive. My husband isn’t very well endowed and I’ve heard so many rumors about black men, I have to experience it for myself.
introducing myself to bbcintroducing myself to bbc communityintroducing myself to bbc communityintroducing myself to bbc communityintroducing myself to bbc communityintroducing myself to bbc communityintroducing myself to bbc community

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18 thoughts on “introducing myself to bbc community

  1. You’re absolutley beautiful!
    No doubt you can get any guy you want…but you deserve to have BBC.
    Why waste your time and that gorgeous body
    when you can have and enjoy the best?!
    Enjoy….and don’t forget to post your progress!

  2. Ohhhh sweetie… I’m not one who just goes for a man because he’s black, but my new boyfriend is the 2nd black man I’ve had. Mmmmmm, that’s all I can say. He’s amazing… try it, you’re going to love it. I’m not married though… not sure about all that. Enjoy enjoy enjoy… life is too short. A black cock isn’t!

  3. You have taken the first step by sharing pictures of yourself. Now you need to be bold and find a well-endowed BBC willing to stretch you and pleasure you like you deserve!

  4. Really. Like your post, would like to get to know you my name is “highway” from houston, tx contact me at my email

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