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Is she into it?

Bought Black Cock dildo, showed her interracial porn. You can tell by how she keeps looking at me, she’s unsure. I told/showed her this site. Explaining we’re making this for bulls. I can’t tell if shes only doing this for me, or if she’s actually into it. Maybe comments would help?
Is she into itIs she into itIs she into itIs she into itIs she into itIs she into itIs she into itIs she into itIs she into itIs she into itIs she into it

16 thoughts on “Is she into it?

  1. Communication is a must, talk to her ask her outright if she is interested or not be open and talk it over make sure it is what both of you want to do it could ruin your marriage if you are not in agreement. .Take her to a swing club or so to start if she is interested to try and feel things out. Set Boundaries and rules as to what is off limits etc. and make sure it stays till both agree on changing how far are you willing to submit you might end up without having sex with your wife after she likes it with black. Pregnancy is also to be considered.

  2. Communication is the key, talk it over with her ask her outright if she would be interested in a black cock filling her or not, it could cost you your marriage if you don’t agree on every thing , set boundaries if you do try it don’t forget it could end up with you not getting and sex from her after she gets interested it a bull, try and go to a swing club to start making sure you can handle seeing her with an other guy fucking her.

  3. Taking notes as I read along , trying to get my girl to bbc its a fun & nervous journey, it could back fire quickly. We are watching porn threesome bbc and she is slowly looking up videos of bbc when I ask her to look for some for us, trying to snap some pictures of her in the nude or some sluty outfits I purchased for her but still shy, in the beginning stages I guess hoping for better results as time goes on, and give an update.

  4. Just as important is the question: Are YOU into it? To get her started, I’d recommend you set her up with two black men instead of just one. That way you’re less likely to feel jealousy rise up. The more you spread her around, the more secure you are about her not getting hooked on a particular guy.

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