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20 thoughts on “It Could Be your Wife

  1. Steven, contrary to what you’re saying, I don’t fear this. In fact, I want this really bad. My wife looks like the 1st pick. I get hard by looking at it and imagine it. Hopefully, one day she will make it come true.

  2. We white folks are so fortunate that many Black men are attracted to white women.
    It is this Black gentlemen who bring such pleasure to white women – as white “men”
    can only dream of doing.
    We (caucasians) should thank them and express our graditude to them whenever possible.
    In addition, we owe it to Black Men to see to it that they are as happy and
    satisfied as possilbe – and that includes (and especially) sexually.
    So let’s pick up the pace, white folks, in pleasing as many Black men as possilble.

  3. the girl in picture 2 looks very hot and sexy there, the young and fully nude white girl who is on her knees at the great black sex masters feet as she sucks on her dream cock that her white boyfriends can’t provide her.

  4. Joann,

    My wife really loves to suck Big Black Cock also. It gets my dick hard watching her lube up and stroke and suck one of her bulls’ cocks. She does it for a really long time because for one thing it turns her on immensely to suck black guys off in front of me, AND she also knows that the longer she works his cock the bigger the load he is going to pump into her in the end of their fuck session, and that REALLY turns her on! She is the love of my life though and she sucks my average sized dick whenever I want or need it too. I will post up some pics of her sucking some of her bulls off shortly.

  5. Nothing to fear here. A white woman addicted to BBC is better for her husband than one who’s too afraid or inhibited to let black men break her in to IR sex. The chances are good she’ll become a slut, but a slut is more fun in bed for all concerned.

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