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Kinda curious

Well kinda curious about it, my ex kinda planted the idea in my head an was never into the idea of being with somebody else while with him. Now that I’m single kinda might be something fun to try, dunno…guess I’m just curious what you guys have to say?Kinda curiousKinda curiousKinda curious

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27 thoughts on “Kinda curious

  1. Either you want to or you don’t. Most women wonder why they waited so long once they indulge in BBC. Read the various posts and you will find several women that enjoy BBC often.

  2. Torpedos right, i tried my 1st bull a month ago last thursday i pulled a train. it was beyond anything i imagined. im well a truly hooked on black cock mmm

    1. You should form a group. You mentioned a while back that you were out with two other women when you met a prospective bull. Maybe they would like to try what you are enjoying. Very likely your bulls may know a few other bulls that have serious pussy pleasers. Having some variety adds spice to your sexing. The bulls will certainly enjoy the variety. One the one thing you want to avoid is getting emotionally attached to a particular bull. It is after all just sex, damn good sex but just sex.

  3. hai, u realy wanna black cock then u r ideal for me, if u wanna chat with me or if u wanna cybersex then see my upload, i upload my story as fuckernew3

  4. Torpedo one of the girls may be open to the idea, but right now i want to keep my bulls and there cocks to myself. selfish maybe but there mine lol

    1. That’s understandable and not that unusual. However I have been with a group of people for sometime and the benefits out weigh any problems. Every bull fucks differently once the novelty wears off you might not want the bull with the largest cock all the time. A long, thinner cock is better for anal that a really thick one For most women. It’s generally a major turn on for a some women watching .another woman getting fucked senseless knowing they will be getting the same treatment. Then there is nothing wrong with an old fashioned orgy, a dozen or so people in a room doing whatever feels good. Our group has people come and go so there is always some variety. Some are married some are not, some play the game with their spouses some do not. I know you are having fun but don’t limit yourself. Have I ever given you bad advice?.

  5. Torpedo your my mentor, i trust you baby. im infatuated with my new bull hes gorgeous, he fucked me senseless, im his first white girl

  6. So like how is it with a big cock that differs from a smaller or average one? Is there a certain amount of pain to be expected or what? Like is it a better idea to try using a dildo first in order to see what I can kinda take? Also do I have to worry about being “stretched” out afterwards to where others aren’t going to satisfy? I know it’s a lot of questions but it’s also some of the concerns I have in it as well.

  7. Vixen, I do believe you could give a dead man a hard on. You are very appealing. I wouldn’t mind seeing how much of me I could get into you. However I have seen young women like you have difficulty with real big one. You never know until you try. Find a gentle bull and have a great time

    1. Melissa
      Vixen the young woman who posted the above pictures has some questions that you could probably answer far better than I.Her question are up the page a bit. The student can now start being the teacher.:)

  8. Vixen my first time hurt but not too bad, a dildo cant prepare you for the fullness of a bbc. your on here so take bbc at least once, that wont be a stretching issue. melissa

  9. Vixen
    You want your first bull to be gentle. You need to be upfront about your status as a BBC virgin. I would recommend being on top initially to find out what your cock capacity is. There are some women that just can’t fuck a big one, however most can. Once you and your bull know how much and how well you can accommodate him get him on top of you and discover how much pleasure woman can experience. Your pussy has a lot of muscles, the more muscles get exercised the better tone they have. If you are sexually active your pussy will adapt to whatever is being inserted into it, whether it is big or small. The big ones will feel a lot better of course.

  10. Vixen cowgirl is definitly the way to take your first bbc. youll be in control of speed and depth of penetration. keep us informed sweetie. melissa

  11. You me and a group for hours and hours of satisfying fun. Cum on take that final step let’s see what we end up with beautiful lady.

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