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Looking For Black Daddy Stud!

My ex-husband took, trained and transformed me into the Lady of his dreams and fantasies! Fortunately or unfortunately That was one that dressed like a Slut and acted like Whore! At first he would have me get dolled up in outrageously sexy outfits and we would go out then come home and make love. Soon that was not enough…The outfits got sexier and sluttier! Then next, after much objection, I condescended to go to a swingers club! He got more out of it than I did! He also had a huge fantasy to watch me make lesbian love! Then his next major league fantasy was to watch me make love to a Black Man! We seem to accomplish both of those on trip to New Orleans with a Black Couple we meet in a bar! I thought he got that out of his system! Until one night I was told to get ready to go out and for me to wear one of my Skankiest Slut outfits! I did came downstairs after hearing some voices, and see a sexy Black Stud! And I was informed he was my date! What? So now I am an escort! After going out we came home and voyeuristic cuckolding husband watch me get bred by the Black Stud! I thought that was a onetime affair! But de javu, he then fixed me up with two sexy Black Studs! A double date I guess! I am now recently divorced,….But I am strictly A "Black Man’s Lady" now, or Bitch, or Whore, or Slut! I am need of a Sexxxly Black Daddy in the Dallas area! Kisses, DeeAnnaLooking For Black Daddy Stud!Looking For Black Daddy Stud!Looking For Black Daddy Stud!Looking For Black Daddy Stud!Looking For Black Daddy Stud!

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