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20 thoughts on “looking for BBC Bull

  1. To bad that I’m not close. I’d gladly own and use her tight hot white ass right in front of you Sissy boi. Leave that pussy used sloppy satisfied and begging for more. We would go as far as you guys wanted. Then I’d push further.

  2. First thing I would do is put you on your knees sucking my hard cock. Let see how muchyou enjoy it. Then when i’m good and hard I’d bend you over facing the mirror soyou so you can see the pleasure on you face every time my warm wet tongue slides up and down your wet slit. Let you watch as your face contorts from lust as you orgasm. Then I’d put you on all fours and let you watch as your tits sway back and forth from me fucking your sweet little pussyan i would love to hear your moans as I finger your ass while I’m pounding you.
    Then I would pull out lube up your ass good and pound that tight little hole till I was ready to cum. Just before I did I would pull out and shove it to the hilt in your soaking pussy. Emptying my balls into you. That sound like a good night?
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    Then maybe I’d have to spin you around so he can see my cums leaking from your well used pussy. While I lead your lips back to my cock. Letting you suck your juices off my cock and bring it back to life. As he watches my cums trail down your thigh. I would then reach over and take a vibrator and tell you spread eagle. Easing it into your pussy as I slowly fuck you with it. Then let you stroke my cock for telling me how good it feels to have a real man’s cock in your hands. I would kiss you hard and then lean down and bite your nipple bringing pleasure with the little bit of pain. You seem to enjoy it. I turn you over on all fours again and start to fuck your ass again letting you feel the vibrator fill your pussy and send it’s wonderful sensations along your body as I fill your ass and you and it through your body. All the while letting him listen to you moan for me to keep going.

  3. Hi 6’1 190 11” bull from dfw. I am by grapevine. Hit me up on yahoo via messenger or email
    Love to see her take me while u watch

  4. Very sexy hot white girl fo sure, makes my BBC rise here . tall athletic and genuine black bull here, experienced and VWE , hit me up here – black passion or leave your email / skype ?

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