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Love petite women

I met this beautiful this petite littlie wife here in London, England. She’s a really nice women and a great person, we had a great time and she was a lonely FUCK! Do let me know what you think ladies, thank you.
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17 thoughts on “Love petite women

  1. Andrew…I’ll be in London round New Years time; any possiblity u can pass on this girls contact info? Wouldn’t mind getting a piece of that- unless you’re claiming her(?) I’m in the forum- CumGetBBC

  2. In the spirit of peace and harmony, white women should
    be shared by as many BBC men as possible.
    Black men are entitled to a variety white snatch and white
    woman appreciate BBC – the more BBC the happier they
    are – so pass around that soft white pussy bro.’

    1. I agree Larry. I have passed my wife around to many Black men over the years. We all love it and seeing her being enjoyed and used by Blacks make me proud as a white man to give them my wife

  3. I agree Larry. Over the years I have given my wife for Blacks to use and enjoy. We all love it. Blacks get to use a white wife for their sexual pleasures. My wife gets to be used by many Black men and I ge the pleasure of knowing she is being used.

  4. And not just white women either: the Hispanic ladies need to get fucked by bbc as well. My wife (Mexican) loves black cock and tries to get as much as possible from her two bbc lovers!!! She’s talked two of her closest friends (Mexican as well) into getting fucked by bbc as well.

  5. Bigblackone, everytime i read your replies i get tvrned on so much. you know what we white women need from a black bull like you. melissa

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