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7 thoughts on “Love to watch my wife getting fucked

  1. Very nice photos!
    The woman seems very subserviant to her Black Master –
    as all white women should be.
    She looks like she had been punished by her master for not
    following his orders – she therefore, of course, deserved the
    punishment that she received.
    Hopefully, she has now learned to follow his orders exactly
    as they are given to her. She is now a much more obedient
    and (hterefore) a much better person as a result of her Master’s

    1. He wanted to leave her marked up so I would remember how well he fucked her for me. Then he let me lick his cum from her pussy. He spent two days fucking my wife and letting me watch. I really love watching him cum in her ass while I licked her pussy.

  2. I see she has taken every inch he has to give her. She is obviously experienced and knows how to give back what she receives. I’ll bet her bull deposited more than one load in her.

  3. Despite her tats, that’s actually a fine looking trailor park Ho… And shes cool with getting down with the Bro’s!!! What more you want??

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