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16 thoughts on “Lyaurn who wants her

  1. Yeah she is fit a very sexxxy girl but I’m not sure you can give her away lol it’s her choice as a person who she goes with I think any ways lol

  2. pretty sure the word you want is “fair”, not “fare”. Did she break up with you because she couldn’t understand a damn word that came out of your mouth?

  3. 1st you said “Lmao I didn’t mean it like that lol what I ment is we broke up due to me moving out of state we are stil frends”
    Then you said “No we split because she now lives in Arkansas lol we are still friends” did you move or did she move to Arkansas? Come on was she really your girlfriend? No matter what She is a Hottie! Does she know you posted these pics of her?


  4. its Exciting,,When a Beautiful HOT Women is introduced to that Superior BLACK SEED,,my ex is my Best Friend,,because he finds,,& BLACK BULL’S Provide Awesome ORGASM’S,,only the Truth matters,,Now BE A Big boy,,& tell her you Jacking off,,Hard with EXCITMENT.

  5. Evan,,Please be Rest a sure that when she goes Black,,the EXCITMENT will be HOT,,in every way,,Every Black man,,has a Responsibility to uphold,,to Create Over whelming PASSION,,so she will Reveal the Truth,& enjoy Life to the Fullest. Sincerely

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