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Magnificent cuckolding blond

What a great women she is! Huge firm breasts and amazing round bum! However all her private parts are for black guys only. Her husband isn’t allowed anywhere close to her body but well-endowed black studs can fuck her as much as they want!cuckolding blondcuckolding blond

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18 thoughts on “Magnificent cuckolding blond

  1. I love see this,my black boss and wife is going out this saturday for new years and they might invite me over his house for the party. i hope s! any white husband that hasn’t had his wife get bbc is a fool. mine is getting a new pair of panties and sexy teddy!! hot

    1. Keith, sometimes we agree, others we disagree, like in this case. I proposed it to my wife, but she doesn’t want it, hence my nickname Imagination. Although I still want her to do it (you have read my postings), it will be her decision and it will be her enjoyment if she decides to get BBC. That’s what matters to me (I will watch the action though). Therefore, if she doesn’t want it, it doesn’t make me a fool. On the contrary, makes me a man because I’m respecting what she wants. And, to top it of, I get pussy and ass constantly, and she loves it!!!

  2. Great to see a more mature woman enjoying BBC.
    A woman is never too old for BBC. Infact, that’s what will keep
    them young.
    What’s important is that everyone enjoys it.
    Most imprtantly, that the black man enjoys it.
    He’s the boss and should tell the white woman (couple)
    want he wants. The white couple are there primarily for
    the black man’s pleasure.

  3. @ Keith.

    Let’s see. You ask me if you should go to a party that she told you not to go but her black lover (or any lover for that matter,he just happens to be black) will be present. Did you gave her the OK to fuck BBC or did you gave her permission to fuck AND date BBC? Two different subjects; one is sex for her enjoyment, the other involves feelings. If it was my wife, I’ll let her know that I’m going. They don’t like it, tough. Everything happens in front of me!!! Otherwise, fun’s over!!!

    1. no my boss and her just see each other like twice a week. i told her im not going to go,she said thanks she just wants them two there. she told me she’s staying the nite there though so i wont worry. and thats cool,hall pass!!!!! thanks br!

  4. Keith, my answer is that you should go to the party for two reasons; she is your wife (never forget that) and special dates are to be shared with love ones no matter what lifestyle you choose. If she doesn’t lime it and insists that you should not go, then is time to see if you are willing to continue allowing your wife to have sex with other people. Good luck.

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