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Married bitch in the motel with black lover

This interracial couple has plenty of time to have naughty fun together. Hotwife that you can see here always spends weekends away from her husband and usually she just hook up with some horny black bull who fuck her all days long!Married bitch in the motelMarried bitch in the motelMarried bitch in the motelMarried bitch in the motelMarried bitch in the motel

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11 thoughts on “Married bitch in the motel with black lover

    1. You should let your wife enjoy herself. It was the best thing we did together! I love fucking my hubby’s black boss. Its even better when i’m screwing him in our bed and his boss tells him not to come home right away. And like a good hubby he knows not too! You have to train them and to let them know who’s really taking care the wifey!!

      1. Problem is that my wife is not with the program; hence my nickname “Imagination”. Also the fact that I’m a good lover (being told this by my past lovers as well). I do dream of this, but this is very far from realization.

  1. Kim, it is such a beautiful humiliating experience being told NOT to come home by wifes black master, as he is busy taking her to paradise in our marriage bed. iTS HES RIGHT TO DO SO, AS HE DOES OWN US BOTH COMPLETELY.

  2. This is the way all white marriages and places of employement should be:
    The Black boss ownes the white hubby at work and he owns the hubby’s white
    wife in the bedroom.
    Hubby should never come home until he’s given permition to do so by his
    Black boss – after the black boss has been totally satisfied sexually by the wife,
    and has had plenty to eat and drink and the hubby’s home.

  3. My wife’s ten years younger than me. We live next to a military base and she loves seducing black soldiers and attracting them to fuck her at our place. I have installed a kind of false mirror, which allows me watching it all. Only sometimes they insist to turn off the lights: that’s when I feel really jealous because I can’t see what’s going on (just hear her moaning). We carry a happy life and have two beautiful children who stay most of the time with their grannie or at school. My wife Élise has gotten a new black boyfriend now and is considering getting pregnant, which may create a lot of problems to our family. She says it’s ‘stronger than her’.

    1. My Black boss has been having sex with my wife for over 2 yreas. When he is leaving work to go have sex with my wife he tells me “I’ll call you when I’m finished with her then you can go home” That is so erotic. He tels me how great she is in bed and is a very good cocksucker. Rexcently he has said that he will be getting her ppregant. This blew my mind my wife having a Black mans baby. I think that is wonderful

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