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Mature BBC Pounds Mature Wife

Mature BBC Pounds Wife To Many Loud Orgasms….Thick And Long Stroking Just Like She Likes It…Gonna Load These In Short Clips….This is a regular hook up, wifey is addicted to his BBC. He knows just how she likes it.. Pound it Hard and Fast and Deep…

I spent years building this collection! I want you to see my hot wife getting it on with her Black Lovers. Personal Clips has it all, uploaded it there!!

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One thought on “Mature BBC Pounds Mature Wife

  1. There’s the idea going around that hot young black dudes are the thing. But with some white women, it’s the other way around.
    My voluptuous and kinky girlfriend was 27 when a 52-y.o. black guy propositioned her for sex. I asked her why she took him on instead of a slam dunking stud from the hoops court. What she said was that she was excited about the idea of being added to the geezer’s lifelong collection of white women. (He’d had at least a couple of them every year since high school.) She wasn’t just being “nice” to him to show him he still had mojo as well as BBC. It was the IDEA of becoming sort of a member of a sexual sorority that lit her fire, and she cummed with him more than with guys her own age or younger. It sure gave her bragging rights with her friends.

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