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What most men fear are women

I will dispense with my real name as I am only known by one thing to my loved ones. I am a New World woman bound by Old World ideas. I am beautiful, college educated, employed, and very personable. Yet because I know the touch of a man, the glorious infatuations of a night spent in lust, that will not bleed on the marital sheets should I ever be wedded, I am now the untouchable, never to be spoken to again by family. I am jendeh, a whore.

This is due to the fact that, although I am an American, I am second generation Iranian. Where my grandparents and parents are from, the most dangerous thing in the world is an educated, sexually experienced woman. Islam is not the only religion, nor is the Middle East the only place, that wants dumb virgins. Every where is replete with societies that think this way; even here. Fear of the Black man is not that he is going to steal his stuff, it is because he is going to steal his woman. Men who are of this thought wants a virginal wife so that she truly never knows the true bounds of sexual bliss. If he is unskilled in the bedroom, she will never know. If she knows sexual ecstasy before accepting marital vows, she is a whore. If she leaves the home to seek the true meaning of sexual bliss, she is a whore. Either way, she is shamed, reviled, and depending on where she has the unfortunate circumstance to be born, she is sometimes killed.

Non-Black men fear the power that the Black penis provides women. Not all women want to fuck a Black man, but many do. I am one of those women. My choice to explore my sexuality and have the knowledge that it is Black men has caused my family to shun me. Black penises, provide me with the type of sexual pleasure that I seek, yet Black men are so looked down upon as thugs and criminals. I think the true racism the belied by the fact that they are not thugs or criminals, it that they are Sex Gods that have the prowess and equipment to bring sheer and utter joy to countless women.

I have frequent relations with numerous, different Black men at any given time.

So who the fuck cares that I give my body to whomever I want?! Why is it such a big fucking deal that I fuck a Black man in the morning, suck a Black dick for lunch, and have a threesome at night?! My society made an issue out of a non-issue. So fuck society and fuck religion. If I am a whore, so be it. You can have your marriages to one husband for life. If he makes you cum so hard that you speak in tongues like a woman possessed, good for you. However, I will not deny my body the pleasure it deserves. To me, that pleasure comes from the raw power that comes from a Black man with a satisfyingly huge Black cock. What most men fear are womenWhat most men fear are womenWhat most men fear are womenWhat most men fear are womenWhat most men fear are womenWhat most men fear are womenWhat most men fear are womenWhat most men fear are womenWhat most men fear are women

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14 thoughts on “What most men fear are women

  1. Excellent! Keep doing
    what you’re doing.
    Continue to speak
    out and stand up to opression
    and racism.
    Fortunately, many women and
    white couples in many parts of
    the world these days are free
    to enjoy the pleasures that can
    only be gotten from black men:
    strong, vitile, domineering,
    BBC men.
    You are an inspiration and
    a role model to all women.
    Thank You.
    You are beautiful and you
    deserve all the BBC that you

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed your story as well your pictures, especially the last pic. Very classy yet sensual. I’m sure you will continue to get all the black cock your tight little body can handle.

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