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Mommy interracial story for you

You are so right! I will tell you when I first came this site a few months ago I was just curious aboput black cock for myself. was a fantasy i wanted to try. but after i had my first (and then second) taste of a huge black cock i knew I would do again and again and my daughter (she is 18 and lives at home) will see everything and be with questions. This is when I became anxious on what to do. Some members encouraged me that since I have always been open with her was probably a better idea to be up front and honest with her about what her mother is doing. So I did! In fact as I began to share details of my bbc fantasies she became very curious also and wanting to see pics and videos etc which I shared with her including this forum. Finally her desire was so big she asked me if next time I was with the black man I am seeing she could see his penis! Imagine my shock at this request!! Hahaha.

About a month ago it was my priviledge to share my black man with my daughter. He was very excited to have us both pay attention to his superior member. 😀 I will tell you that the most exciting I ever had was when I look on my little girl’s wide eyes staring at me sucking himand reach out and take her hand and place on his cock shaft and begin to storke with her hand! As the look of wonder in those innocent eyes turned to wild eyed lust I began to be with wave after wave of explosions in my pussy that rocked my body!!!!

In polite company I would just say I helped to educate my daughter about sex etc. But between all of us here who know the power of this lust the truth of what I did is to introduce the idea, encourage her in it, feed her desire as it began to grow and finally offer my only daughter to be fucked and used by black. This is how I turned her into a nasty black cock slut also! Probably I am a bad mother for doing it but she likes and besides, this thought makes me veryyyyy wet!!!

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One thought on “Mommy interracial story for you

  1. Well mommy you did right as a married white cuck I totally agree with what you did.It is my firm belief that most if not all white women want black dick I both support and encourage you both to continue.

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