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My fiance Charlotte

Found these in my fiance’s sent email folder as well as the last pic is what i found in her inbox. We’ve been together for about 3 years, engaged for about 8 months. I know she’ said she’s been with a couple of blk guys before we dated but now im thinking she’s getting that urge again bc I’m only about 5 inches myself. SHe’s never complained but who knows.My fiance CharlotteMy fiance CharlotteMy fiance CharlotteMy fiance Charlotte

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12 thoughts on “My fiance Charlotte

  1. Wow that cock would be a nice wedding gift for her dude. Be a good hubby and encourage her a little bit. She’ll give you a nice wet sloppy kiss afterwards to thank you.

  2. Sure dont Blame her … She deserves to have All the Awesome Tasty Big Blk Fat Heavy Cock she Wants … If I ever find me another women , She will Have All the Blk Cock she wants ….

  3. This past winter I came home to find my wife with our daughter’s blk bf ….I was upset at first but knew of her desire esp with sara bringing her bf’s over all the time. I knew deep down it was only a matter of time

  4. Your lucky in a way, if your into the interracial/cuckold thing. It’s tough to find a single woman who has the same kink, if this is not your thing then you probably already know it will not work, but since you are here posting, I think its your kink to watch as they say the couple that plays together stays together

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