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11 thoughts on “My girl wanted her pictures on here

  1. all right you boys step aside ill fuck this cute irish red bitch up the ass cunt whatever and she suck every lastdrop of cum out omy cock. and oh yeh i got a cock its big and BLACK not like this guy with his little half whit brown mini white boy cock. Yeh this bitch would to have my half black half irish black kid for me. dam i love fucking irish bitches and irish bitches love black cock because see how many half irish and black kids there are out there dont you

  2. Yes, the 2nd picture of this lovey woman approximately 30 to 32 years old says alot, as she apparently looks like she is sucking a black man’s penis for the very first time! She looks so
    wholesome, but her eyes show that is quite apprehensive as she looks up into her Master’s eyes for approval, and not her husband who evidently is nearby watching her intently.

    The 3 picture shows her looking back and fully impaled on this other man’s member of love.
    Yes, this does show her being broken in, to be used by obviously other Black men in the future.
    My dear wife Karen was used this way in her early 30’s, and was fucked as slut on several occasions, generally with at least 2 to 3 black men, and a white co-worker of hers that worked
    in the local hospital. On her 38 birthday party we arrange a gang-bang party for her and two other married girlfriends at the Sheraton Inn. We rented two adjoing suites with 6 black men, myself, the 2 other husbands, her male co-worker, and her supervisor, which Really suprised the other 2 ladies! Needless to say, we fucked, sucked, photo- opp, and filmed everything with 4 cameras from 10 in the evening until 9 the next morning! We did the most unimaginable things between all of us, including making one woman eat out every Black man’s asshole. Each of the girls, including my wife were butt-fucked at least twice. And Julie Ann was ass-fucked by 4 of the guys, and swallowed and gobbled at least 3 loads as the dripping dicks exploded into her face and waiting mouth! Oh, what a night!!

    Needless to say, my wife 5 yrs. later divorced me, marrried a Black doctor from another hospital, and never talks about her past I’m told. She must have fucked at least 40 Blacks, and some of course on multiple occasions, when I was around, and probably more when I never knew about it! Thats’ the breaks I guess. Too bad, once a slut, always I thought.

    Anyway, congradulations on getting your beautiful wife to comply with your wishes! But
    be careful of the pitfalls….she just may go for and like Black cock more that you want.

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