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14 thoughts on “My hard dick

  1. Beautiful cock…of course. Good lord that’s a load!!!!!!! What a waste of black cum thou, I’d love and be honored to feel your balls drain a load like that down the back of my throat. blk cock is the best and always will be!!!!!

  2. I Have NEVER see such a huge amount of cum its like a Fire hose.
    Is that normal Load for you?
    Would love to watch a huge black cock Plant that amount of seed deep in her unprotected pussy each time
    I convinced her to risk it unprotected !

  3. Oh my gosh you’ re a really babymaker, my pussy needs among 20 of this loads per week. Can you show us more of your spermfactory? Also this glory hole driller i can’ t see enough of this birthmachine please please gimme more.
    Blacked Woman

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