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My hot wife – interracial sex story part 2

After her first night with Steve, Sue’s transformation into a black cock slut started in earnest. For the first few weeks, Mommy had to “work late” only on Friday and Saturday nights (or so I told our girls). Sue’s late nights out became more and more common, until 4-5 nights a week she would give her willing pussy to Steve. On those nights I would help our three girls with their homework and get them ready for bed by 10 pm.

My chores finished by midnight, I would lie in bed with my granite hard dick, anticipating my wife’s return home with a cunt full of black seed. She never disappointed me. Her return home began to assume a pattern. Between 2 and 3 am, I would hear our car pull into the driveway. The car door slammed shut…. My dick began to twitch. Breathlessly I would hear her close the front door and walk up the stairs. She slipped into each of our girls’ rooms to check on them before slowly walking down the hallway toward our bedroom. As her heels clicked on the wooden floor the anticipation in my cock
built. The door opened and in walked my black cock slut wife. She had began taking changes of clothes with her to work, so I could tell what her and Steve had been doing by the way she was dressed… jeans indicated they had stayed at his house, dresses meant they had gone out. Whatever she wore, she would slowly strip down to her panties; deliberately hanging each article of clothing neatly in the closet… making me wait. After an eternity, she walked over to the bed and leaned over me.
my hot wife

“I know you’re awake.” She’d whisper.
Kissing me heavily with an open mouth, I could smell the distinct aroma of his cock on her breath mixed with wine and cigarettes. “I’ve brought you a present.” She’d say coyly… and pull her panties to one side revealing her pussy. It would be matted with a mixture of their two juices, and I buried my face into it greedily. She let me sample her creampie while she would light a cigarette, and then push me away. Letting her sopping panties drop to the floor, she climbed into bed with me so I could complete her cleaning. For the first few weeks, Sue laid back so I could lick her used pussy at my own pace before mounting her and releasing my own load inside her well used hole, but one night she told me to lie on my back and climbed on top of my face. Roughly she pushed her slimy, swollen cunt lips into my face, rubbing back and forth, fucking my tongue and is probed for Steve’s seed inside my wife’s wet red pussy. When she was about to cum, she pulled back and mounted my cock… which never lasted more than a few more strokes before I exploded inside her. This was the pattern of our sex life for most of the summer, the happiest summer of my life.

One night in mid August, all that changed. As usual, Sue had been out with Steve one Friday night. She had been getting home later and later… now it wasn’t unusual for her to stay out until 5 am, spending the entire night at Steve’s house… in Steve’s bed. This morning, however it was especially late, nearly 6 am, and sunlight was already breaking through the bedroom window when I finally heard our car stop in the drive. Eagerly I waited for my “present” which my beautiful, slut for black cock wife would deliver to me. Sue entered the room and undressed. Turning toward her I watched… cock already twitching and oozing pre-cum. Still facing away from me, she slowly pulled her panties down around her ankles and stepped out of them. Looking over her shoulder, she asked if I was ready for a surprise. When she turned, I instantly saw what she was talking about… her beautiful full bush was completely gone! Steve had shaved her pussy. Instead of a thick patch, her lips glistened in the sunlight with Steve’s cum. They had obviously been fucking all night as her pussy lips were engorged and bright pink. “Why in the Hell did you do that?” I protested. “Oh, baby… come on.” She said. “Steve likes my pussy this way. You’ll get used to it!”

Sue climbed onto the bed and straddled my face. But this time in a 69 position. I could fully see her gaping hole, wet and inviting. Stray pieces of Steve’s pubic hair clung to her shinning pussy and thighs. She lowered herself onto my face. Forgetting my loss, I grabbed her ass and pulled it even more tightly against my face, savoring the taste and the new feeling of a cleanly shaved puss. Goo trickled out of her slit and into my waiting mouth…mmmmmmmm. After a while, my wife began stroking my cock with her hands. The realization that I was not going to fuck her this morning swept across me, and I wondered if this was a one time occurrence or my permanent status

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  1. did she ever let you fuck her again ? ……. and was she on birth control ? if she wasn’t on birth control and steve had got her pregnant how would you have felt ?

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