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My hot wife – interracial sex story part 3

Over the next few weeks, the answer to my question became obvious. Although occasionally I would still get to hastily slip my little pee pee into her warm puss, she became increasingly resistant to the idea. At first I pouted over my banishment, but came to accept my lot as payment for getting to enjoy nightly crиme pies. I rationalized that her pussy was becoming too stretched for my little member anyway. The last few times I had fucked her I actually had to grab the base of my cock and “jack off” while the tip of my dick was still inside her. There were also other benefits that I learned to relish: every 2-3 days, Sue allowed me to shave her pussy in preparation for her date with Steve; and the hand jobs she gave me were exquisite… especially as she usually sat on my face while doing it. The physical changes in my wife were also becoming more evident. As she sat on the bathroom sink, smoking a cigarette, she allowed me to shave the red stubble covering her cunt. I couldn’t help but notice that she displayed small bites and hickies on her petite breasts and inside her thighs. The purplish marks indicated how intense her lovemaking with Steve had become, and how she had given herself to him. I knelt between her legs and spread the shaving gel on her mound and down onto her nether-lips. My wife’s pussy had also changed… gone was the bright red bush I so loved; her lips had assumed a bright pink color and appeared meaty and engorged. Her clit was more prominent now than I had ever seen it during our marriage and I wondered if it was because of her lack of cunt hair or because she remained excited thinking about Steve throughout the day. Carefully I used the blue disposable razor to remove the creamy white lather. Her pussy glistened under the bright bathroom lights. I slowly ran the blade along the edge of her outer lips, leaving her slick, smooth and ready for Steve. Once I completed my duties, Sue deliberately rubbed lotion with aloe into her womanhood to prevent chaffing. The result, I must admit, was stunning.

Sue’s attitude about her relationship with Steve and our own relationship was also evolving. She became more willing, almost enthusiastic, about telling me the details of her “dates” with Steve. One Saturday morning (as I recall) Sue had staggered in just before 6 am. Obviously drunk, she sternly ordered me to “Lay my white ass down on the bed!” She unsteadily stripped and squatted over my waiting mouth with her back turned toward me and pumped my twitching member. “Eat my pussy!” she slurred. “You wanted me to fuck black cock???? I’ll tell you just how much I love black cock!” She emphasized the last two words… BLACK COCK… to drive the point home. Greedily lapping at her slimy, musky hole, I laid back and listened: It seems that their relationship was now common knowledge at the hotel. Now, as they left work together, they didn’t even try to hide the fact that they were lovers. My wife admitted that they would walk out to our car arm in arm before she handed him the keys to drive. One of Steve’s rules was that my wife must remove her trousers and panties before they left the parking lot of the hotel. He wanted to see “his” pussy as soon as possible, she explained. I asked if it wasn’t risky for her to partially strip in “public”. “Maybe…” was all she said, her voice trailing off as if to let me know she really didn’t care. Sue continued to tell me about her evenings with Steve: I continued to slurp Steve’s cum. Depending on Steve’s mood, he sometimes drove around town while Sue leaned over the bucket seats of our Honda Accord and slowly sucked his black cock. She told me how Steve loved to have her lips around his dick as he drove through town, passing other cars and giving truckers a good view of his black cock slut’s ass. Steve would control her fellatio by grasping the hair on the back of her head and either pumping her up and down; pulling her away; or holding her down and forcing the length of his cock down her throat. Sue had always been able to “deep throat” my little pecker, but I wondered at her ability to take Steve’s length (if he was as big as Sue claimed).

When Steve tired of displaying his “bitch”, he drove our car to the house he shared with two other brothers outside town. Single story, three bedroom brick with an 8ft wooden fence around it, his place provided the privacy to “entertain”. Once stopped in the driveway, Sue would get out of the car and walk (carrying her pants and panties) into the house. Her white man’s dress shirt with black bow tie barely covered her ass and as she walked, the slit in front opened occasionally providing a glimpse of her shaved pussy. Once inside, she admitted that Steve became very dominant. My wife was required to stand by the door until Steve indicated for her to either go into the bedroom or sit on the couch. If his room- mates or their friends were home, Steve would usually order Sue to sit on the couch between them. She was to keep her legs open, providing a view of her white pussy to anyone who wanted to look. She insisted no one else was allowed to touch Steve’s “property” but Nic and Roy (room-mates) regularly pulled out their cocks and jacked off in front of her. My cock-slut wife admitted the sight of one or two hung black studs getting themselves off while looking at her open puss made her hot… exactly what Steve wanted I’m sure. As she told me of watching Nic and Roy work their ebony shafts, Sue leaned back into my face so as to grind her sopping hole into my face….mmmmm.

When Nic and Roy had enough, Steve would order Sue to: “Get into the bedroom, bitch!” She described how he would instruct her to strip fully naked and kneel before him. She was to place her hands behind her back and open her mouth for his black cock. He enjoyed “face fucking” her with his hands on either side of her head controlling the speed and depth of his penetration. Steve also enjoyed pinching and twisting Sue’s nipples and roughly squeezing my wife’s smallish tits as he used her mouth. And of course, all this got my slut wife hotter and wetter than ever.

When Steve tired of using my wife’s mouth, he would push her roughly onto his bed. On her back, my redheaded wife would open her legs like the slut she was. “At first,” she told me, “it hurt sooo good when Steve started pushing into me. But now he slides in sooooooooo easily!” she stated proudly. Looking at her stretched cunt inches away from my face, I could see she was telling the truth.

“He fucks me!” she half whispered. “He fucks me like you never could!” As she said those words, I knew she was right. I could never compete in bed with her black master whom I had never even seen. Her body and soul were his now and I pondered the impact of that on our life together. Was there a place in her life and her relationship with Steve for me? And how long could we keep these truths from?

I felt the cum rise in my balls. My hips pushed forward uncontrollably and I released my pitifully small load into her hand. Silently she rubbed the goo on my stomach and “dismounted” me. As Sue staggered into the bathroom to wash my seed from her hands I looked longingly at her round ass, her puss lips visibly protruding between her cheeks. I remembered the days when my cock had been all she wanted between those cheeks… but those days were gone. I had gotten what I asked for, how much further would this go? “Steve’s coming over tomorrow night,” Sue said dryly. “Have the kids in bed by 10 and stay upstairs. We’re going to use the downstairs.” My heart raced… she’s going to bring him to our house!

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