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My Huge Latina Ass

Hi fellas! Ive never been with a black guy but have been hit on mostly by black guys and I’ve flirted alot. I have a boyfriend but he’s unaware of my curiosity. I’m latina and as u can tell I have a very big butt. I’m on the thick side but solidly built. Can I get some input guys? I do have some crazy head skills…Very sloppy and toe curling head n yes I do swallow FYI!!
My Huge Latina Ass

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37 thoughts on “My Huge Latina Ass

  1. Damn, that’s pounds on pounds of booty meat. But it is so appealing babe. Do you prefer your ideal man to be deep DARK Ebony toned, muscular and Hung for the real “BLACK” Adonis experience and erotic, stark contrast/mix? If you do post me Babydoll, I would love to pounce on and play with all of that

  2. I think if you try to loose about 25 pounds on each cheek you will look great. After that your self esteem will go up and you will not need to talk about swallow …etc.

  3. I’m not black, but I got a fat cock that I would love to destroy your asshole with. That phat ass of yours would look great bouncing on my cock

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