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My love story

Hello, my name is Avelynne and I live in Texas, I’m writing this story here because I was brought here by accident, took a look around and saw that there wasn’t much love going around so I decided to write my own little love story. My life began in Brussels, Belgium, I lived with my mother and father until things became rough, my mother left me with my father and my father lost his job, we moved from Europe to America where we bought a house in Virginia, I then moved down to Texas and have been living there ever since. I grew up a cold and lonely person, I didn’t trust very many people because of my mother and I was brought up on old morals, once I graduated from Highschool I found a job and moved out of the house, I wasn’t doing very well and dating was the last thing on my mind, but one day while I was getting ready to close a young man walked into the shop and ordered a cup of coffee, when he went to pay for his drink I didn’t notice him much at first but suddenly we locked eyes, feeling quite embarrassed and with nothing to say, he gave me his phone number and asked me if I would call him, though I was cautious at first I took his number anyway, later that evening when I went home and began to relax I decided to call the number on my cellphone, a man answered with his voice and I asked him who he was, he gave me his name .. Jovan, I gave him mine. He started to chat and soon became "online" friends, a couple weeks passed and we decided to meet up at my job, we sat down, talked and relaxed when I was taking my break, but during that time I felt something, something I rarely felt, love towards someone, and this someone was an african american, I was going against alot in my head, old world views and personal issues, I didn’t trust him but I felt safe with him all at the same time. :To Be Continued:

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2 thoughts on “My love story

  1. I’m always so surprised when people are shocked that we can be gentle, witty, carefree, smart, curtious AND have a BBC on-board. Do tell more…..

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