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My sexy wife – interracial fun

We went out Saturday night and she caught the attention of a Bull. His cock was so big she could just get his head in her mouth. He filled her pussy and ass with his seed then had me lick her all clean. I loved the way he told me to suck his cock before he shoved it into her pussy. I told him that any time he sees us there, She would be his to have or share.
I can’t wait to see him fuck her again. I just loved the way he took control of both of us and used my wife as his personal play toy. He fucked her once at the bar then three more times in our motel room. He was even nice enough to have me suck his cock to get it hard again after cumming in her.
He has a friend who he wants to share her with next time. He was with him Saturday night but he wanted to have her to himself the first time. He did however have me announce to his group that he had just fucked my wife and that he was going to our room with us so that he could play with my wife all nightMy sexy wifeMy sexy wifeMy sexy wifeMy sexy wifeMy sexy wifeMy sexy wifeMy sexy wifeMy sexy wifeMy sexy wifeMy sexy wife

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13 thoughts on “My sexy wife – interracial fun

  1. As you can see he penetrated her ass also. He was kind enough to let me lick his cum from my wife’s pussy and his cock.
    It was so sexy having him take control of the two of us for his pleasure. Can’t wait to see him again.

    1. I would love that too. It would be nice to see how much of your cock she can handle. She would look beautiful riding your cock.The pic of me licking her pussy was just after he filled her with his cum.

    2. And she is only four foot ten and about eighty seven pounds. She could only get the head in her mouth but she was able to take all of it in her pussy and ass. I told him that next time she would be his to use and share as he saw fit. He said that I would have lots of cum to lick from her next time.

      1. That’s awesome Jack. I’d love to be apart of that next time. Message me in the community and maybe we can come up with something because I love to travel.

  2. It’s great that you both appreciate the honor and
    privilage of serving your kind BBC Bull Master.
    He’s a real Man – the Man who satisfies your wife and
    makes her happy – and he’s kind enough to have hubby
    lick her stretched and used pussy.
    Every white couple should be so lucky.

  3. It just makes sense that instead of what will she do to please him it was, what would he enjoy doing to my wife. He took total control and was very clear of what he wanted me to do while he used her for his pleasure. I had his cock in my mouth more than she did and licking her pussy while he was cumming in her was wonderful.

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