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My sexy wife with hot black guy

My wife has always been attracted not to all black men, but to the big, strong, ones. Once she just wanted what she was told she couldn’t have. Now, since sampling their above average wares, she considers big black men to be the ultimate sexual partners. As a cucky, I respond to my wife’s needs first and foremost, and the bottom line is she likes big, black muscles in front of her and big, black cocks inside her.

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6 thoughts on “My sexy wife with hot black guy

  1. my wife’s fine ass needs to be ridden like that, can’t do it good enough. she doesn’t even make any wimpers.

  2. Dude, women have various needs. Your wife needs you as a husband. But she also needs BBCs on the side. It’s good that you comprehend that and roll with it. You don’t need to buy into the bullshit of black men’s alleged “superiority.” The situation is MUCH more complex than cock size, stamina, or cum quantity. Be satisfied with yourself, let her be satisfied with herself, and let black men satisfy themselves with her. No need to get wrapped around the axle, man. Enjoy life as it comes to you.

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