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My wife for her first bbc

We can travel around usa and the caribean.My dream is watching my mature wife fucked by a giant black cock.. She has had sex only with me however at last she has accepted my proposal and she is ready to be shared sexually with a bbc. Is there anybody who wants to fill her up all of her holes with a lot of black meat?She is 48 years old but very atractive end sexy. Does she like you? Do ypu want to fuck my wife? my wife for her first bbc

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30 thoughts on “My wife for her first bbc

  1. i wood shove my cock so far up your white bitchs ass she be screaming. look like your wife is fucking white slut. how you like it when she get home you stick that little pecker in her pussy and alls you feel is some black guys cum

  2. I’m a pretty fit 27 yo Black male that loves the look of that body. If she’d be interested in a younger man with about 10” of BBC, I’d love to spend some private time with her

  3. we are 5 bbc for the beautiful ass of your slut wife. indeed, she has a superb ass and we want to drill it brutally. a real anal destruction. does she want to give us her great booty?

  4. I’m glad you finally talked her into it. She’s got an absolutely gorgeous ass. Reminds me of my ex-GF’s, who used to be on the slimmer side till some dudes knocked her up and made her more of a woman.

  5. that is a very beautiful ass, white,tight, big and very well formed. also look her legs, hips and back. she looks splendid in her maturity . a marvelous 46 y,o, ass!

  6. elegant lady. i would fuck her in high heels and me naked with a bow tie, but not iaround my neck but around my giant black dick.

  7. thank you very much for my score average. never thought my pic could be as well pointed. and all of my love to you, mark, it has been wonderful to joy your monster dick. in my mouth, pussy and ass so deep and hard. at last hubbys dream came true, you has turned my husband into a great cuckold. bbc is superb, i do love it, babe.

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