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My Wife Is Built For Black Men

For years I have seen how black men look at my wife when we are out. Honestly, she is built for black men. She is 5ft 7in tall and long read hair (the carpet does match the curtains, smile); and even though she has given birth to three kids her waist is small, her hips shapely, and her butt is nice and round. It took us awhile to get with the program but now she just can’t get enough black cock. I adore watching her fuck black men and when she goes out on her own with her black lovers I like seeing the videos she brings home for me to watch.

I love my wife, and I love shootin her getting wild with some black guy. I shoot more videos every week and upload them to Personal Clips!!

13 thoughts on “My Wife Is Built For Black Men

  1. What white wife isn’t built for black men? If not originally, then a good BBC bull will soon get her reconditioned. My Beth was a bit concerned whether she’d even be able to take her first black man, but after a couple of months of fucking her on a regular basis, he passed her around to some of his friends and she realized she’d been made into a new woman.

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