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18 thoughts on “My wife wants black dicks

    1. There may be miles on the dashboard but I’ll bet she knows how to be a woman in bed. Most 19/20 somethings can’t really handle a big one without a lot of patience from their bull. I’ll take a mature woman anytime over some inexperienced rookie.

    1. She could probably handle a train ride and wear out 2 or 3 guys in the process. Mature women can have an incredible capacity for fucking

    1. A train ride is a gangbang. If she “pulls the train” she get fucked by multiple partners. It is something I would recommend when you are comfortable fucking one big bull and you want to raise your pleasure level.

    1. Ask you you just might receive. Life has a multitude of possibilities if you don’t explore then you short change yourself. If you choose to get gangbanged you will want to go bareback. The bull’s semen will lube you so you can fuck endlessly. I have been told by more than one woman that it’s an incredible rush each time another hard bull enters her.

  1. Are there trains who cross the attlantic ocean. even this I would ride with this woman. She is lucky as her man gives her this Joy!! pls let me hear the JAM JAM of that train in my place here in London UK. XXX aldo

  2. You would have better luck traveling here. A group of bulls that fuck well together are generally getting all the pussy they want, there isn’t any need to cross the Atlantic to find pussy to fuck. If they fuck a woman senseless, she is usually back for more and she will often refer a friend..

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