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My wife went black and I became a cuckold

My wife went to the hardware store to get the list of things I gave her for the project I am working on. A very nice black man in his 30’s helped her and asked about the project and made suggestions. It was near closing time and he helped her to her car with the packages. He asked what I did and she explained that I was in sales and was out of town and She had the list of things to get so he could work on the project this weekend. Knowing I was out of town he asked if he could buy her a drink and innocently enough she said sure. While drinking he was admiring her and undressing her with his eyes and she saw him enjoying looking down her loose top. About half way into the second drink he felt a boob and she smiled and said that’s a no no. He said the temptation was just too strong and he did it again only this time he got a couple fingers on her nipple. She reached up to remove his hand and he would not let go and she was bent over close to him and he kissed her and got his tongue in her mouth. Now my wife is 29 and a very normal woman with normal a sex drive. When he stopped kissing her he said I want to make love to you.

wife went black and I became a cuckold

She said no please I am married and I have never cheated on my husband. He then asked have you ever had a black man? She said no! He said you really should experience it one time. Now he was feeling her between her legs outside her pants. He knew he had her. She was very aroused and he said lets o to my apartment and I will be good to you. She said nothing and went with him. Well the bottom line is that he fucked her several times, getting her off each time and got her to suck his cock which she had never done before for anyone.
She began an affair with him and I found out a few weeks later. She said she needed him. What was I to do?
My wife went black and I became a cuckold

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