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My wifes black experience

This is my wife and her friend on holiday just hours before two black guys came onto them.
Not long afterwards the black guy trying to get my wife into bed, succeeded and she got find how a black guys cock compares to my white cock.
Once she cofessed to me about her black experience, i took her straight to bed and we fucked all night long, with her telling me how fantastic he was in bed.
She constantly reminds me how well his black cock filled her creamy white pussy, how he made her cum so much and how sexy it looked to have his black body between her creamy white legsMy wifes black experience

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6 thoughts on “My wifes black experience

  1. If she has had BBC and enjoyed the experience as much as you claim, I can guarantee she has gotten BBC since here vacation whether you know it or not.

  2. Torpedos right,
    I bet your wife has BBC and takes the black man’s cum inside her every chance she gets. She won’t be able to stop thinking about getting the black man’s superior cock in her white pussy all the time now.
    Like it or not whitehubby, your wifes white pussy n ass will be black owned now.
    Your among a growing number of white males that lost thier wives to a sexually superior black man.Get used to it,

  3. My husband always liked it when men especially black me looked at me on the beach or river. We were already making nude photos and he talked me into doing some with a black business partner of his and one thing led to another and my husband wanted me to fuck him the next time we got together. We would talk about it and get so hot we would fuck like crazy. this went on for a month then it hapened and I’ve been getting black cock almost every week not to mention the sex with my husband is better and hotter than ever.I never thought fuckung a black guy would have such a positive effect on my love life.

    1. So many couples are finding out how great this is. It saved our marriage because our sex was so stale. Now she gets fucked hard and often and I watch, get hard, masturbate and enjoy.

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