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new adventures

Hi my name is nancy n im from tx Never been with a BLACK guy but Im really curious. I get lots of compliments from black guys but I have a boyfriend and he gets angry. Are u guys really that much bigger and better
new adventuresnew adventuresnew adventuresnew adventuresnew adventuresnew adventures

16 thoughts on “new adventures

  1. Yes indeed !! I am really nice in size and will make you cum back to back. 🙂 Nice Pics Inbox Me Beautiful!

  2. I hate to say it, and you are very cute, if you enlarge each pic you can see the distortion from the photoshopping. Why??? Every guy would love to fuck you. I’m guessing it’s the boyfriend posting his desires and she might not even know about them.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth. This is obviously a dude shopping pics of his woman around online…..

  3. Daaaaamn babygirl! Beautiful body… In in Dallas and would like to show you and let you feel how much bigger I am than your boyfriend!!! B2W community biggrasp

  4. I know many cheating wives have calmed down the angry BF or husband when they secretly fed him her juices from sex with other men. Whore did this hundreds of years ago to get a guy hooked on cleaning her. Read this in a old historic article about 1600’s.
    Once he got a taste for the goo he would begin go down after he came. this was the sign they used to push him into watching her with other men and encouraging his oral needs to clean the goo. All of which she baited by lacing things with her scent and sperm into his sense’s. My Ex use to place her panties over my face as I slept. I caught her at it a couple of times but it was too late to stop the desire she wanted me to want. A guy hooked on pussy goo cannot turn it down and it seems to over ride his other male issues. Alpha males become beta males and serve the woman.

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