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I never dreamed this could happen to us

I never dreamed this could happen to us. My wife was a virgin when we married and we had what I thought was a good sex life. Then one day at work a black man suggested they go to lunch. Before they even ordered he had her in the back of his van fucking her brains out.

He took fotos of her sucking his cock. She NEVER EVER did that to me. He sent the pics in an envelope to me at my office. My admin opened it like she does all my mail and saw it. She put it on my desk with a strange smile on her face.

When I saw the foto I was breathless. And my admin said, looks like your wife is having a good time. I was totally humiliated.

I went home that night and showed her the foto and she laughed and said it was great. I was totally taken aback. Just then the doorbell rang and it was 2 black men.
They just pushed me aside and went to my wife and started undressing her and feeling her up. I went over to stop them and they pushed me down, hand cuffed my hands behind my back and one of them forced his cock into my mouth.

The second guy took pics and my wife laughed and said, good, feminize my cuckold sissy! I could not believe my ears. I was being totally taken to be used for their pleasure while they took ownership of my wife’s pussy, mouth and butt.

It all happened so fast! They took my BMW. made us do automatic deposit of our paychecks to their account and we are now totally owned sex slaves.

The truth??? My wife and I love it. This is what white couples have to look forward to.
I never dreamed

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7 thoughts on “I never dreamed this could happen to us

  1. do you realize,,,all these proper white women,,are so ”JEALOUS”,,,Honestly you are so Lucky,,to feel that Superior BLACK SEED Inseminate,,that Sweet Fertile Pussy. Please POST MORE. HOT,HOT,HOT.

  2. As a white boi, I have the natural desire to please the Black mans mighty cock. I will assist any way I can to convince white women to try Black cock. I submit myself to serving and hopefully sucking a powerful Black cock myself.

  3. As a puny dick white man married to a hot white wife, I can not wait to serve her and her superior black masters. Although my wife is conservative and sexually unsatisified by my little dick, I can’t wait till a black bull seduces her and she becomes his sex toy to use when he wants and trains her to dominate me. I can’t wait to serve her and the black men community and be used even sexually myself. As a white man I already worship the mighty black man and his glorious black cock.

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