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Night away

So one night my husband and I got in an arguement and I got so pissed I had to get away. So I threw some clothes in a suitecase and said Ill be back tomorrow. I had all intention of going to the hotel for some me time. You know hot bath, Grey Goose, and a book. And I did just that but about midnight I got the urge to talk to someone so I Looked in my suitecase and found that we had never cleaned it out from when hubby and I had went out a few weeks earlier. I had a cpl club outfits in it my camera and some lingerie he had gotten me.So I set the camera on the counter and grabbed a skirt and top and went to the hotel bar. There was no one there but the bartender (a cute black man) so I chatted with him and had a cpl more drinks then one of his friends showed up (another cute black guy}. We chatted for a few and then he had to close the bar. So I said "I have vodka in the room wanna hang out" they said they would think about it and got my room number. I headed to the room and figured that was the last Id see them but a then there was a knock at the door. At first we just talked and drank till the friend seen the camera ans said "Hey lets take some sexy pics of you". Me being drunk I agreed lol So they took a cple then I said hold on a sec while I went and put on the lingerie. Not sure why I did cuz it only lasted one pic till the bartender had it off of me and started fucking me so good. I couldnt help myself I was horny and I let him pound me while his friend used my camera to take pics. He fucked me till after 7am. His friend never did fuck me but he did a great job of photoing. I went home with a smile and forgot all about the arguementNight away

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