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8 thoughts on “Obedient white blond

  1. Her collar tells everybody what she is. Her husband already knew it when he married her. But as a good cuck he has open all oppurtunities for her to serve black masters, and become a good slut

  2. I love to wear a collar, it makes the sex somehow more intense. in my mind im a sex slave being used by my black master. so so hot. got myself wet lol

  3. She wears the collar to proudly show to everyone that she’s
    black owned – as every white women should be!
    Eventually all white women (and couples) will be Black owned
    – which is only fair and natural.

  4. One can tell by the softness of her ass cheeks that she’s had many long hard fuckings! And many more to cum!

  5. my gf called me a big fat butter ball pig and thats why im not getting any pussy from her the only ones getting her mexicon pussy is all the young cute black guys but if she relly knows what im thinking she would most likely flip. i would ask some of the black guys that would go up and fuck her if there was anything i could do for them that she would not becouse i well obay all your orders and do anything you want and if you wanted me to do it in frount of anyone i would so one of the masters said to sit at this bus stop were this nice looking lady was at that looked to be a house wife then he came over and told me to start sucking his cock so i said yes master then she said did he just call you master yes he did the stud said she was asking why the stud said ask the fat boy why pertty lady so she asked me i told her hes my master and i do what ever he orders me to do. so she said if he said to lick his ass hole out you would. yes i would so then the master orders me to lick his ass so i start licking wildly up and down his ass then lick his ass hole out infrount of this lady she said you two need to come over to my place and let me watch

  6. love to give that tight pussy a seeing to and then work on that great ass babe xxx when are you free love.

  7. Theres a need for the black collar and a must when white women fuck. It shows that they are ready to be slaves and a sign that there pussy is black owned. Without it we women do not show our appreciation for the black bull. Like this blonde who opens her mouth wide for the black master to own every hole, the collar shows total submission. Blonde women with stuuning asses with curvy pale shape like this should wear black collars and black owned.

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