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One interracial cuckold fantasy

Locked in my chastity belt for two weeks, and now tied to a chair in the closet of our hotel room, I wait for my wife’s return. I know she’ll tell the man she brings back that I’m in there. Will he ignore me like the one last night, or will he humiliate me before fucking my wife? Will he make me watch? Will I have to lick his cock clean afterwards? Will she laugh? When he leaves will she release me and make me clean her or will she just close the closet door.

As I sit here I hope for each of those things, night after night. Delicately and slowly licking her sore pussy, gently sucking the cum out… that is my fantasyOne interracial cuckold fantasy

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6 thoughts on “One interracial cuckold fantasy

  1. I tend to ignore cucks, I don’t have anything against you but i am there to fuck your wife. I don’t need you to help me get my cock in her. and what you do after i am done isn’t any concern of mine

    1. I agree torpedo, at first when my boss and my wife first started doing the 3 sum thing I was telling him how she liked this and that right,but my wife set me straight early on with him saying he does just fine without ur help,in fact they just left for the weekend to atlantic city,so im going out playing!!!

  2. Your pics. looks hot, your a pretty-n-sexy wife. Your mans eating your pussy. Ummm!!!! not to mention the big thick black cock your hands wrapped around!!

  3. Your wife looks hot holding the black cock that’s obviously just fucked her sweet white pussy.
    No way a white boy can match the pleasure only a black man can give her beautifull white body.
    That black cock owns your wife now.

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