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only a real man can make love

They say that only a real man can make love .
l am ready for you. Please make low to me. I need to see the excitement on your face. I need to feel your strong hands holding my hips tight while your BBC moves in and out of me. I need to hear your moans and sighs as the passion builds between us. I need to feel the wet warmth of your sperm inside of me when you reach your climax. I need to lick the Juices from your spent manhood after your orgasm subsides. I need your lips on mine as we get lost in the afterglow of our love making
real man can make lovereal man can make lovereal man can make lovereal man can make lovereal man can make lovereal man can make lovereal man can make lovereal man can make love

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9 thoughts on “only a real man can make love

  1. I was just thinking about your body and imagining how soft and supple your skin is. I’m imagining you lying on your belly with your legs spread apart. I can smell the sweetness from you pussy as my lips slowly glide over the smooth skin of your ass leaving little angle kisses as I make my way up the small of you back kissing so lightly as I go. My manhood caresses your leg and the heat coming from your body nearly burns me. You roll slightly to the side and I slowing brush the sides of your breast with my lips and your nipples instantly harden and quiver with anticipation. You let out a little moan and roll onto your back. Your pussy is beginning to leak with your juices again and I slowly kiss my way down your belly and lightly and slowly lick the beads of nectar from your lips. I slowly work my tongue into you and drink of your juices being very careful not to touch you clit because I want you to build to the most mind and body shattering orgasm you have ever had. You begin to whimper and try to grind your pussy into my face, but I pull back blowing little puffs of my hot breath across your clit, teasingly, and it make your start to breath faster. My steel hard manhood is beginning to quiver with the thoughts of what is about to come….
    The palms of my hands reach up and graze your stiffened nipples as my fingers gently caress your luscious breast. Your body gives a little jump as my tongue flicks across your clit and your breast fill my hands with their fullness and warmth. I can feel your nipples pulsing in my hands. I slowly bring my face up to your stomach kissing ever so slowly as I go. You try and press and grind your sopping wet pussy into my chest, but I won’t let you. You are becoming delirious with passion. You feel the heat rising between your legs and you want it hard and deep, but you can’t have it yet.
    I roll you back over on your stomach and begin to run my lips from your ear lobes down the soft backside of your neck, taking in your essence the whole time. You can feel the heat from my manhood against the firm, smooth skin of your ass. I work my way down your back with my lips while my hands play your upper body like a harp. Your breathing is becoming more rapid, your pussy is the wettest it has ever been, you can begin to feel it spasm, and you want more. I gently spread your legs and brush my hand across your pussy and clit. You moan with anticipation as I gently lift you up by the waist until you are in the perfect position to be entered from the rear. You reach back to take my manhood in your hand and guide me to your swollen sticky folds. It is the hardest and biggest is has ever been. It’s dripping with pre-cum from the anticipation of the boiling slick tightness it is about to feel. Your breathing is almost a panting. You reach back to guide me into you, but I won’t let you. I slowly moisten my thumb by dipping it in your soaking wet pussy. I then gently spread your fantastic ass cheeks apart and begin to paint slow circles around your puckered ass. You want to cum so bad that you push back trying to get my thumb to penetrate you, but not yet. Your breasts are heaving with every breath you take. You begin to play with you nipples, tweaking and rolling them between your fingertips. I wet my thumb again with the juices that are running down your thighs and again begin to paint slow circles around your ass. I position my manhood at the entrance to your wetness and slowly run the head of my shaft up and down the outer swollen lips of your pussy. Your pussy is so wet and quivering that it begins to make gasping sounds. You try and push back to take me all in But I won’t let you yet. You start screaming for me to make you cum. You are so horny and ready that you are almost crazed. I slip the bulbous head of my shaft just inside your slick lips and at the same time slide my thumb, moistened with you pussy juices, into your puckered ass. You begin to whimper and cry as your body begins to spasm and shake.

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