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Over a chair

My ex black boyfriend and me had sex over a chair during a weekend, when my family was out. We were having a sunbath in my garden’s house. Suddenly I felt myself excited and asked my boyfriend to have sex.
He was seated over a garden’s chair, so I sat over him and I put his cock inside my pussy to start fucking. It was a short and special fuck because we could be found by my family if they came at home. But they didn’t come and we reached our orgasms quickly. I cummed first. When my ex black boyfriend was close to cum, he stood up carrying me in his arms and he reached his orgasm soonOver a chair

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8 thoughts on “Over a chair

  1. he’s my ex now because live with him was not good idea…it didn’t work. He was so good in bed not more.
    I told my husband about my sexual life with my ex black boyfriend and he excited a lot! I thought he was going to be angry or zealous but it didn’t happen.
    One night speaking with my hubby by phone, I told him about how my ex and me had had sex during our first holidays.
    I was having a bath under the shower and my boyfriend Axel came beside me to get a bath together. He scrubbed all my body with the soap, and after that he licked my nipples. We kissed a lot and started to have sex standing under the shower. My boyfriend couldn’t wait for me and he had an orgasm quickly. He felt realized and well. We went out from bathroom to the room. He put his clothes on but i felt myself excited, wet and a little angry.
    I told him we weren’t going anywhere until he make me cum. So I got down my knees and hold his soft penis inside me mouth. I gave him a great blow-job until his dick turned as hard as a steel bar. Now he was the one who begged me to put his dick inside my pussy.
    I went to the clothier’s door and facing it, i placed my hands over it and bent my body in half allowing him to penetrate my pussy by behind.
    Before he do it, I begged him to fuck me as hard as he could. He fucked me wildly and I cummed immediately, screaming of pleasure. We had finished our condones, so I had told him to cum inside me if he wished to do it. I was still enjoying my orgasm, when he cummed for second time.
    When my hubby heard it, he almsot suffered a heart attack. He said me Axel was a first class male, that he had an incredible potential and virility and he wished be as good lover as him!
    I was surprised in that moment because I couldn’t imagine my husband was going to feel so excited knowing about my ex and me having sex.
    He begged me to have sex with my ex in front of him a lot of times. He said me that he would enjoy a lot watching me with my ex fucking, even he would be able to suck my ex’s cock if it would be necesary!

  2. Yes it is! I was a little angry with my ex boyfriend so, I kicked the door and it closed with a big crash. I closed the door with the key and I threw it away.

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