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My friends

Nearly a mouth ago, i began chatting with a mature white cuckold, online. He informed me that 5-years earlier he had talked his wife into serving his BEST friend who was a BLACK MAN that he worked with. Then this summer his wife informed me that she had talked her sister into joining them and into serving their BLACK MASTER.

My friend’s wife, was a good slut. She not only got her sister to serve their Black Master, but also was there to help and clean-up when their Black Master took the sister’s white ass for the first time.

My friend is a true cuck and orally cleans his wife’s ass and pussy of the delicious Black Seed. His wife and her sister enjoy seeing him suck BLACK DICK and lick BLACK ASS.

The wife and her sister recently got panties with “BLACK DICK ONLY” printed across the ass of the panties and both now wear an anklet with “BLACK OWNED” engraved on the anklet charm. they wear the anklet 24/7 on their right ankle.

The husband now deemed a true “sissy” by wife and her sister, has had to watch as not only his Best Friend, but as other BLACKs from his work use his wife and her sister. he also has to carry a photo of his wife and her sister completely naked and kneeling before his BEST Friend, sucking his BLACK DICK. he has to show the photo whenever his BEST Friend tells him to. the humiliation of haveing to show his wife and her sister servicing his BEST Friend’s BLACK DICK, is a turn on to my white sissy friend.My friends

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Cuckoldress with lover – interracial sex video

That is what happens each time when cuckold husband allows his beloved slutty wife to go out with blacks! This time they went to the local motel and fucked at least several hours! Luckily they recorded everything on video for him to see later[media id=424 width=590 height=443]You cant see my full movies here but I posted them at Personal Clips. Check the place for raw stuffdownload video

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ShitColdNot interestinglyHotReady to cum (1 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)