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My interracial cuckold dream

I’ve been locked in my belt when my lovely wife came back from her date and evening with her black boyfriend. That’s more than three weeks ago, and normally I’d expect to be let out about now, but she’s starting her period which means I’ll likely reach the four week mark for the first time ever.

The other big news was that I was contacted by a fertile and dominant black man here in San Diego who kindly wanted to grant my hotel creampie fantasy. He’d save himself for a few days, then fuck her while I’m silent, belted, and tied; then I’d clean her up. My wife said “no” pretty strongly. She’s happy with both our sex lives the way they are.

Next, he and I tried to convince her that a handjob would be good for me to watch, and much safer for her. Instead of my monthly orgasms, he’d have them, given by my wife. I would have to contrast his virility with my infertility and submission, maybe clean her fingers. Again she said “no”.

She really enjoys keeping my fantasies unfulfilled, and thinks I’m even less of a man if that’s possible. I’ve also disappointed this gentleman who was trying to help me.

If you have any experiences or ideas that might help me, I would very much like to hear from you.
My interracial cuckold dream

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Awesome cuckolding wife

She loves to ride big cocks only so majority of her lovers are black! Her white husband isn’t qualified to have sex with that insatiable woman since his own tiny prick isn’t able to give her any significant pleasure. So he just has to watch and wankAwesome cuckolding wife (more…)

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Amateur cocksucker – interracial porn video

That white slut got a true passion for cocks and you can see her working hard on this ebony shaft. She doesn’t have that chance to suck on something big and powerful at home since her limp dicked hubby doesn’t have anything similar[media id=567 width=590 height=443]Personal Clips is the place where I upload full length porn clips of my black cock loving wifie. Check the site for our homemade stuff!!!!download video

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