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White blonde girl about to get blacked

On a Caribbean vacation, young Debbie meets a native black man at the tiki bar. After some strong island drinks and a rolled up cig…..she was lured to his cabin. She was a virgin until now but before long, she was gasping under a very dark black man and her innocent vagina full of black meat. Her blue eyes became glazed and her mouth was wide open as he shot his African spunk into her belly. She would be blacked for the next six days.Daddy's 18 yr. old girl goes black (more…)

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Like being watched by hub

I like servicing MWF’s and like being watched by the husband or boyfriend if that’s his kick. A few years ago, I was in Tampa on business. I took the client out to an upscale tavern type place for a few beers and a bite to eat. The other half of the place had a number of pool tables with one of them in use by a nice looking couple. Naturally, we thought it would be a good idea to shoot a few games ourselves. Around the edge of the pool tables were a number of small round tables with bar stools at them. The girl (who I found out to be the guy’s girlfriend) was damn good looking and had a nice lil skirt on. While they were sitting the guy would reach over and put his hand on her thigh. He kept stroking her leg and pushing her skirt higher and higher. I made eye contact with both of them and he slowly spread her legs and gave us a wonderfull view of her panty covered pussy. He started rubbing her lips and then pulled her panty aside giving us a nice shot of her shaved snatch. We re-commenced shooting and she did everything she could to show off her delictible lil butt. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer and reached out and ran my hand over her cute butt. Her boyfriend had a monster grin on his face watching me! She wiggled her ass in my hand and reached back and lifted her skirt. Then grabbed my hand and led me to the men’s room, entered a stall and grabbed my zipper. He was standing there watching her give me great blowjob!Like being watched by hub

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