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Imagine sitting at home knowing that she is out with her boyfriend, he has a bigger dick than you and she deserves to be happy. All the sudden you hear a car door close and run to the window, you pee out and see your bride bent over the hood of your car and he is putting his cock into her tight shaven little pussy. You can hear her moan, you know she is so happy, your dick doesn’t make her moan. He finishes with her and they both come inside, she sits on the couch and I motion you to come over. “On your knees” as I push your shoulders down, “Unzip my pants and pull it out” It’s still sticky from her pussy, “Lick It! Get me hard so I can fuck her again!”…

Detroit Blk Man looking to meet a lady or Couple, I’m Dom and love to lead cucks around the room.
Imagine you unzipping my pants and nice thick cock springs out, hubbies it’s for her and she will love you for it. Ladies A good fucking with him sitting there watching is a wonderful thing. Days are Best! I can cum in you and you have dinner for hubby all lined up… Him walking in on us is just what he needs.

I love sex and I’m very open mindedDetroit Big Black Cock looking

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