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Here I sit. She’s out again, wearing her sluttiest outfit. I could smell her cunt as she swept past me, casting a glance over her shoulder as she goes. I could almost see her juices, soaking her panties, as she anticipates her evening. “Just out for a few drinks”, she laughs. Knowing she’s going to a black bar, knowing what she wants, knowing what she’s going to get, knowing what she’s going to bring home. A red and swollen pussy, filled with the creamy cum of who knows how many strange men. What time will she be back? Tonight, Sunday, or who knows. The longer she’s gone, the more black men she’s done. My dearest hope is she saves some for me. I’ll lay here in our bed, with my little dick straining the sheets. I’ll open my mouth, and dream she’s back, she always comes back. Staggering, messy, smelling of sex. Please, baby, give me a little?! Give me what I crave. Drop those wet panties, and sit on my hungry face. Do what you do, grab my hair, and ride my face like a bull. Grind that dirty pussy in my face, and leave me the jizz they left. I’ll cum just by the force of your hips grinding my face, squirting pitifully on my stomach, as you complete your funWaiting - wifes creamy pussy

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