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Wedding night interracial cuckold

No honey, Just because this is our wedding night doesnt make anything different. I agreed to marry you only if you agreed to give up sex with me forever. Since we’re married I am the only woman you could have had sex with anyways so you are also giving up sex with women forever. Don’t pout honey the keyword is Women
Wedding night interracial cuckold

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Coming to London 18th october looking for black lover

We are a couple who enjoyes an extra black man in bed. I already has a black lover here in Denmark who visits me frequently. We are coming to London 18th for a week and would love to meet up with a black bull who can make love to me together with my husband. I love when you in front of my husband are on top of me holding me tight, kissing my lips and I can feel your black cuck inside my white pussy.
Send us a message on clit and we can arrange for meeting.
Can’t wait……!Coming to London 18th october looking for black lover (more…)

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Yes Another Big Black Cock

What’s up ladies. I’m new to posting things like this. I am a 23 year old college student out of the OC looking for some pussy. I’ve always fantasied about deep dicking a white woman with a nice round ass of any age so I need a woman to please me and receive pleasure in return. I may be a bit inexperienced i.e. I’m still a virgin, but with the right tools ( my cock) I’d be a natural. I can be reached at Here are some cock pics for your enjoyment.Yes Another BBC (more…)

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X-wife travel – interracial sex story

My X-wife started to travel a lot when she moved into sales, then after a time it got to be a habit. I got the location of the hotel in Chicago that she was staying at, from her assistant who thought it would be “cute” if I dropped in and surprised her with “fresh flowers”. That was a laugh!

I got the the O’hare airport Hilton, where she was staying in the afternoon. Showed my ID to the desk clerk and convinced her that I was trying to surprise my wife – the flowers and presents did the trick. Got into the room and rigged it with a set of motion sensative cameras. They record when they see motion – cool stuff.

I left and got out just as I heard my wife’s voice in the hallway, a lucky break. The stairwell was 100′ from her room and I held the door open, listening… she was with someone. Her door clicked shut and their voices were cut off. She was with a guy.

The next morning, after she’d left and headed down to check out, I popped into her room to recapture my camera gear, the tape was full. As I headed home I kept wondering what I’d find, and I knew it was going to be hot.

My X is about 5’8″, has large round tits and a full ass, she’s got curves without being fat at all – the gym takes care of that. What I saw when I got the tapes into my computer and decompressed them was a tall black guy, his hands all over my wife, her lips all over him. He pulled her cloths off and she dropped her ass onto the bed to get her head down to cock level. As she sucked him, he took what was left of his cloths off and unhooked her bra. The camera doesn’t have sound, so I have to imagine her moans, it’s easy, i’ve heard them many times before.

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Asian GF looking at black guys!

me an my gf have been goin to the club alot lately but the other week we went to a black club an everyone could not keep their eyes off my gf an she keep looking at them back. we went back last night, a couple guys asked to buy her drinks an she didnt even hesitate to say no!! i went to the bathroom an when i came back she was gone for about 20 mins. when she came back she told me she was using the bathroom too. her hair was a little messy an when we got back home her pussy was dripping wet! do u think she fucked a black guy while i was gone??Asian GF looking at black guys (more…)

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