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I love to suck thick cock…

I’m at an age where I can’t get enough.. I crave big, thick, juicy cocks. I like them long and fat, but I will take any cocks I get. I find myself shoving all kinds of things into my horny cunt. Like soda cans, wine bottles big thick candles, fuck! I’m not fussy, if it fills me up and makes my cunt cum, I will use it! My clit is moist and very sensitive. My tits are firm and I love to fuck 24/7′ Cum over and pick a place to dump that hot load of yours!I love to suck thick cock (more…)

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Hello folks

I just picked up a new white slave couple. A beautiful perfectly good white woman for my sexual needs and her cuckold husband to serve me in any other way I command. The first thing I did when I got them home was to force them both to get totally nude and to get in their proper place (on their hands and knees) until commanded or allowed otherwise. I’ve now collared them both up and have started leading them around a bit to check for good obedience and to evaluate them for proper training. I hope that I won’t be having to take them back for a refund or exchange as I have already ordered a new chastity cock cage for the cuckold since he will not be allowed to have any sex under my ownership and I just got a new physical for the female and made sure she’s up to date on all of her shotswhite slave couple

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Over a chair

My ex black boyfriend and me had sex over a chair during a weekend, when my family was out. We were having a sunbath in my garden’s house. Suddenly I felt myself excited and asked my boyfriend to have sex.
He was seated over a garden’s chair, so I sat over him and I put his cock inside my pussy to start fucking. It was a short and special fuck because we could be found by my family if they came at home. But they didn’t come and we reached our orgasms quickly. I cummed first. When my ex black boyfriend was close to cum, he stood up carrying me in his arms and he reached his orgasm soonOver a chair

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Wife wants black cock

She is groaning in ecstasy as I run my finger over her beautiful clitoris. Steve is massaging her chest while I massage her thighs and pussy. I am so horny at this time I gently pull aside the front of her thong underwear exposing her pussy, which I quickly bend over and kiss. I slip my hands under her butt and gently squeeze her buns while I kiss her pussy and insert my tongue inside her. In between licks of her pussy, I slip up to her head and kiss her on the lips and remind her how much I love her and how wonderful she makes me feel and hope I made her feel just as goodwife wants black cock (more…)

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Black cock owned pussy

Listen.. Really.. We like know that you white men do find us very Desireable N all. And yes we appreciate that.. Honestly we do! But seriously. What did you except? All of us White Girls grew up in a world seein A minority race of studly black men defeating you all in everything. And like kicking your asses all over the place. N beating Y all up in sports N stuff soo much! And like they just take our pure cunts At will. N you all let them walk all over you n spit in ur faces and then wipe the filthy dirt from their feet across your nosesI N still. Y all don’t fight back! Like such Wimps! N well.. We want Real MEN with real cocks.. OK?Black cock owned pussy

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