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Party interracial sex

My boyfriend invited me to his neighbors football party. I got real drunk and she and two black strangers talked me into showing my tits and that led too them fucking me and making me suck their big dicks.
When it was all over 2 guys came in my pussy and my face…..

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4 thoughts on “Party interracial sex

  1. Another professional actress that someone stole a clip from and posted it as their own…
    Its sad, there was no party, no football, no 2 strange guys.. Cool story though, make sure this one goes in fantasies, not real life stuff.

    Problem #1″ When it was all over 2 guys came in my pussy and my face…..” But they wore condoms when fucking you?? lol I think not, not if you’re a good black cock slut 🙂

    And the tattoo is a dead give away, she is in many movies 🙂

    CollegeCutie4BBC in the community 🙂

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