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Philosophical discussion – why I enjoy interracial sex

Why is interracial, in my case black and white, sex so enjoyable? My wife and I love looking at pictures, videos, and of course the real thang of black and white sex. I enjoy black men and white women but, even more than that, white men and black women. Also two women, one black, one white. We both found it sexy. I have had sex with black women, her with black men, neither of us has had same sex with black folkes, YET, we do desire it. I think black white sex has several reasons for being attractive and intriguing. One is the flat out “art” of it. Black skin and white skin, two opposites, look good together.

The other is the “taboo”. If it aint supposed to be, based only on a wrong societal expectation, then it is even better. Maybe this is why it is so attractive in cuckold relationships as cuckold is also taboo. Another is the size thing. My wife loves all sizes of cock during sex and says that even smaller cock sex is good if the man knows how to have sex. She does say though that very small cocks dont do it. Also I know from watching that she enjoys a very large cock in a different way than normal cocks. I think large cocks provide a “mystique” to sex and again there is an expectation that it will be better. The reality is that more black men have larger cocks than white men.why I enjoy interracial sex

Another reason for black white sex to be so attractive is that, again a societal thought, it is nasty. And sometimes some of us enjoy just being nasty. I also feel that many black people have less sexual hangups and inhibitions so many times they are better at sex, more fun, than many white people. Now there are LOTS of white people that have lost their hangups and inhibitions too though and are great at sex. For your info, both my wife and I are white. We are not cuckold.

I have participated in sex with female Dominant, male submissive, but I seek to play with a cuckold couple soon. My wife has not been with a cuckold couple, she finds Dominant men and women attractive. We are pretty normal in our daily life. We enjoy sex with all kinds of people. Those are some of my, and my wife’s reasons for enjoying black and white sex.

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7 thoughts on “Philosophical discussion – why I enjoy interracial sex

  1. There’s an additional reason–evolutionary psychology. You can read about it in Matt Ridley’s scientific-based book, “The Red Queen.” Basically, Nature programs us for optimal breeding. And expanding the gene pool is one way of doing that. And to do that, breeding with mates different from our usual ones is the way to go. And in order to encourage us to do that, Nature programs our neurosystems to experience extra special pleasure when we have sex with non-standard partners. (I’ve really abbreviated this a lot, but that’s the theory in a nutshell. And there’s research to back it up.)

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