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Pregnant with black man’s baby

So I finally got knocked up by a black man. I already told my ex….no response 😉

I’ll post pics of my belly growing. Hopefully in August, I will give birth to a strong black baby.

…..then be black bred again.Pregnant with black man's babyPregnant with black man's baby

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31 thoughts on “Pregnant with black man’s baby

  1. I also got pregnant by big black cock. I didn’t know who the daddy was. I ended up losing the baby. I think I will be more careful from now on.

  2. My husband agreed to letting my boyfriend Darrian come and breed me steady in my fertile times and hes gotten me pregnant twice now.I miscarried both times but he is still nailing my pussy mercilessely trying to have his child with me.Im getting older and I hope he can make it stick, Ill let him keep trying!

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