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QoS for the Month of November 2015


As hosted by: Bigblackbull76

Interview with: Mr. & Mrs. SableFux

Hometown: Somewhere in TX

Nationality: 100% Sexy All American Phat Ass WhiteGirl (PAWG)

Status: Married

BBB76: Hi there Mr. & Mrs. SableFux. Thanks for sitting down and taking the time to have a little chat and answer a few questions with the BigBlackBull QoS VIP Club host with the most gracious BBC to boast. A toast to you both and as customary free drinks on the house for an entire month for you. We all definitely would love to know a little more about you and me especially (wink, wink) bigsmile" src="" alt="bigsmile" />.

SableFux: Thank you for hosting us. We’re honored you chose us to interview. We love the site and definitely enjoy following your posts! It should be a lot of fun, what would you like to know?

BBB76: At what age did you begin the lifestyle of having sex with Black men?

SableFux: I was 22 the first time I had the pleasure of being bedded by a Black man.

BBB76: Did your first experience with a Black man live up to your expectations?

SableFux: It was very good. I was extremely nervous at the time. Of course I had heard all of the “tales” and the taboo of being in a southern state made it all the more appealing. He was REALLY large and I didn’t know cocks came that big. I couldn’t even fit my hand all the way around it. I was inexperienced, but willing to try new things. It was incredible when he entered me for the first time. I think if I hadn’t been so turned on, it would’ve really hurt, but it didn’t at all, was just wonderful.

BBB76: Why did you begin the lifestyle of having sex with Black men?

SableFux: Curiousity mainly. We had flirted for a while and got to the point of just thinking about being “taken” by a Black man when I was alone at night. The urges were overwhelming and I just had to act on it.

BBB76: Were you always attracted to Black men or did it develop later, and what were the things that made them attractive to you?

SableFux: No, developed later. The taboo, of course the tales of the larger size, and just the submitting to a Black man excited me.

BBB76: How do you let potential Black men know you are available?

SableFux: Besides bending over and presenting my pussy to them? wink I usually frequent places where Black businessmen hangout and we are on several Swinger Sites.

BBB76: Are you exclusively fucking Black men?

SableFux: No, but mainly!

BBB76: Do you wear QoS jewelry, tats and do you wear them out in public? Would you get a permanent QoS Tat?

SableFux: Yes, I have an “I Heart BBC” anklet I wear often,
I Heart BBC

numerous QoS/Black Owned/BBC Slut temp tattoos,
QoS/Black Owned

and as far a permanent one, I already have one!
SableFux QoS

BBB76: Those are all some amazing pics Sable and I’m glad to see you have a permanent QoS Tat too. Fabulous babe.
What are some of your favorite IR sites, or porn sites other than which we know is the best of course?

SableFux: All kidding aside, is my favorite, I also visit quite often. Of course xHamster, etc. LOVE videos with Lana Love or Lisa Sparxxx or Sara Jay in them!

BBB76: Did the overall experience with bringing a Black man into your relationship and sex life made it better or worse?

SableFux: Oh yes, much better, my husband I discussed it at length and host BBC parties monthly. We both enjoy it immensely. It’s a turn on for us both! My hubby is very Dominant (ex-military) and LOVES slutting me out to Black men. I love being taken and used by Black men, so as you see, it’s great for both of us!

gangbang blonde milf

BBB76: That’s amazing Sable. For the hotwife, what advice to you have for other women considering this lifestyle and how do you manage it with your husband/boyfriend?

SableFux: If you’re considering it, it must turn you on already, so “Just Do it!” lol It gives me tons of pleasure, and I’m sure it would them as well! As far as their hubby/boyfriend. Just be open, honest and tell your true feelings and make sure they tell you theirs. We have great couple friends that are cuckolds, some that the hubbys just watch and some have Dominant hubbys who enjoy slutting their wives out. All of them enjoy it in their own ways. So you just have to find “your way” if that makes sense?

BBB76: For the husband, what advice to you have for other men considering this lifestyle and how do you manage it with your wife/girlfriend?

Hubby: I would reiterate what Sable said above. Find your role and live it, whether it’s Dom, sub, cuck or voyeur. Discuss it with your wife. You’ll be surprised, if you two were really meant for each other, it will most likely excite her just as much, if not more, than you. Just be honest and enjoy it!

BBB76: For the couple to answer together, what things do you require or look for in choosing a Black Bull to play with?

Sable/Hubby: Gentleman first and foremost. Knows how to treat a lady out of the bedroom and a little white slut inside wink Of course, someone that is genuine, we can spot posers a mile away. He has to be hung, prefer 9 – 10 inches and very thick. Actually, prefer thickness over length, although I love them both!

BBB76: Any Blackmen or BlackBulls you would like to name that you had fun with and what was fun about the experience with them?

SableFux: well, I have made a couple of videos with DFW Knight, he was GREAT! I have a few regulars that come to my BBC parties. I have had some great booty calls as well. One late night “J” texted me that he was horny. He came over and fucked me silly for 4 hours. It was so hot. Hubby was sleeping downstairs (he had to work) and I’m upstairs being used like a little white slut. “J” talked so dirty to me, telling me how he owned my pussy, ordered me to service his black cock. It was wonderful. He took me bareback and sent me back to bed dripping with 3 loads of Black Seed……yum!

BBB76: This has been truly a fabulous interview and thanks for taking the time to do it. Now lets go play in the back of the VIP room again.

SableFux: Thank you again for honoring me(us) with the interview. Why do we have to go play in the back? I can just get on my knees here and service your wonderful Black cock and let EVERYONE know how good of a BBC Slut I truly am wink

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6 thoughts on “QoS for the Month of November 2015

  1. As a white guy, I’m very proud of her and her hubby
    and the great work they do in providing great sex to so
    many Black Men…,..glad they also enjoy it so much!
    A truly loving, fun couple.

  2. I should be so lucky! I’ve been trying to convince my Asian girlfriend to “go Black” for some time. All I get is “I’ll think about it.” Arrgh!

  3. just gross, if i fuck a white chick not some overweight slob with gross tattoos, defeats the purpose of fucking a white girl if she’s just like some ghetto black chick.

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