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Ready for muslim from Africa ;)

I am a normal, healthy Polish girl. We already have a fairly small Polish penises, we young Polish women, we believe that we deserve real men who breed us the true healthy children.I tried to upload photos of Polish women, ready to be put to the Dark Lord. Girls, if I have to put your photos, send email to
Ready for muslim from Africa ;)Ready for muslim from Africa ;)Ready for muslim from Africa ;)Ready for muslim from Africa ;)Ready for muslim from Africa ;)Ready for muslim from Africa ;)Ready for muslim from Africa ;)

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7 thoughts on “Ready for muslim from Africa ;)

  1. What with the growing influx of African men into Europe, Polish girls will have a greater supply of BBC for sex. The attitudes of Polish men should adjust to this, like American men have. You can see this in any large store such as Wal-Mart. It is not that uncommon to see white couples with an interracial child. While some of the kids may be adoptees, the others are evidence that the white wife or girlfriend has been taking black men on the side, all the way.

  2. I was just thinking about your body and imagining how soft and supple your skin is. I’m imagining you lying on your belly with your legs spread apart. I can smell the sweetness from you pussy as my lips slowly glide over the smooth skin of your ass leaving little angle kisses as I make my way up the small of you back kissing so lightly as I go. My manhood caresses your leg and the heat coming from your body nearly burns me. You roll slightly to the side and I slowing brush the sides of your breast with my lips and your nipples instantly harden and quiver with anticipation. You let out a little moan and roll onto your back. Your pussy is beginning to leak with your juices again and I slowly kiss my way down your belly and lightly and slowly lick the beads of nectar from your lips. I slowly work my tongue into you and drink of your juices being very careful not to touch you clit because I want you to build to the most mind and body shattering orgasm you have ever had. You begin to whimper and try to grind your pussy into my face, but I pull back blowing little puffs of my hot breath across your clit, teasingly, and it make your start to breath faster. My steel hard manhood is beginning to quiver with the thoughts of what is about to come….
    The palms of my hands reach up and graze your stiffened nipples as my fingers gently caress your luscious breast. Your body gives a little jump as my tongue flicks across your clit and your breast fill my hands with their fullness and warmth. I can feel your nipples pulsing in my hands. I slowly bring my face up to your stomach kissing ever so slowly as I go. You try and press and grind your sopping wet pussy into my chest, but I won’t let you. You are becoming delirious with passion. You feel the heat rising between your legs and you want it hard and deep, but you can’t have it yet.

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