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Riding a BBC in hotel room while cuck films us and jerks

This husband loves his wife, and he wants her to be happy! Riding a Big black cock in hotel room while cuck films and jerks! No one can make a cuckold video better than hubby! He realizes that he can’t satisfy his wife as well as a big black cock does! is a community of people who love to upload and share their interracial content! Join us now!

4 thoughts on “Riding a BBC in hotel room while cuck films us and jerks

    1. I’m a small cock married man to a beautiful woman. I’m also bi sexual but she doesn’t know. I love to see bbc and I feel like she deserves a bigger cock or cocks. I’d love to become a cuck but I’m afraid of destroying my marriage but I’m so eager to share her with bbc and maybe suck cock together. I’m seeking help of how to go about this fantasy. Can you help me?

  1. My wife is very Bi sexual and she has a huge sexual appetite, one night while she was out hunting yet another woman she found herself surrounded by black guys in a nightclub.
    She was 36 yo Italian and hot, she never had any interest in Black people.
    She was worried but being polite she just stood there and smiled, then one of them asked me if could dance with her and I said sure if she wants too, thinking she would say NO but to my surprise she said yes.
    After half an hour on the dance floor she came back to me and said let’s go home and he’s coming, I was shocked completely shocked.
    How could I say no when she had allowed me to fuck dozens of women that she brought home I asked myself.
    He climbed into the back of our Range Rover and straight home.
    After 30 minutes in our lounge room drinking he suddenly started to take off all his clothes to reveal his huge semi hard black cock, he was so confident and suddenly my wife was terrified of the size of it, I actually didn’t think it was real? Semi hard and it hung around 8 inches down towards his knees.
    Then the atmosphere in the room changed, he wasn’t leaving till he fucked her and we knew it
    From that moment he began to slowly and gently Dominate her, telling her to feel his cock, then kiss it and after about 10 minutes he told her to start sucking it, she did what she was told and his cock kept growing.
    While she was sucking his massive cock he stripped her then picked her up and brought her to our bedroom, she was terrified and powerless and excited, in a second he slipped off her g string and slipped a huge condom onto his cock, he was reddy but she was terrified, in his deep voice with his strong french accent he told her to look into his eyes and relax, relax and she did.

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