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He tapes and watches his slut wife. She is gorgeous! – amateur wife interracial

I have started looking at amateur wife interracial sex ever since I found photos of my wife and some girlfriends getting fucked senseless by 4 black studs that lived in a gym or just got out of prison in Atlanta. They picked them up at a club, got them hot by rubbing crotches all over them on dance floor. They had picks from the club for proof. They then left and I saw pics of my wife with 3 of the 4 guys. Two had absolute pussy wreckers for cocks! My wife took both of them nearly to the balls in a number of positions! She took them deeper than any of her friends! I have an average length cock but pretty thick cock. She now insists we use a vibrator sex toy in addition to my cock when we fuck. I know it is because she now loves that feeling of being full and stretched. I have not told her that I know of her wild night of black sexing and am waiting for the right time and place to disclose to her.

I coldn’t show long movie here … but I can tell on secret that you can find full long interracial movies on Personal Clips! 🙂

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108 thoughts on “He tapes and watches his slut wife. She is gorgeous! – amateur wife interracial

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    She has had several black men after that including most of my black coworkers. I was the boss so there was no problem sending them to my house for some pleasurable moments.

  4. This clip is exceptionally hot, and I love the reaction of the wife when her lover makes his initial plunge into her wanton cunt. Wonder if she has ever had any guy that size in her before? Would love to seen entire movie.

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  17. I’ve seen clips. I want the full video. Sxy white woman and a black stud. Love the other scene where he cums inside of her and she takes it like a pro.

    1. Sharon, once I got my wife to admit she was curious, I surprised her on her 20th B’day with a black guy with a THICK, DARK, 8inch BBC !! !

      SHE LOVED it and before he left the motel that evening, she had sucked him dry once and he fucked her twice ! It was GREAT ! !



    2. I hope you enjoyed your first black cock as much as I did, I have had several since then and enjoy them even more ! I am still waiting for my first really big one , I can’t wait ! Danielle

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    1. hello, I saw a couple of your posts. I live in the Orlando area as well. I am a W/F, that is a BBC lover. I have been with several black men that had nice black cocks but I am looking for a black stud with a really big cock, at least 11 or 12 inches long. If you and your wife have any luck please let me know. I am married and my husband is not aware of my black lovers. I am 26, 5’9″ 135, blonde and shaved, I am attractive. Hope to hear from you. Danielle

  21. There’s a bazillion white wives all over America who’ve taken the initiative and tried out BBC. Some of them get around to telling their white husbands only once they realize they’ve become “addicted” and need a lot of black dates to satisfy them. Luckily, this husband has learned of his wife’s adventure and is okay with it. The fact that he’s seen she’s been wilth multiple men should reassure him. She’s seeking thrills, not another husband. With his understanding, she should be be free to indulge her desire for yet more BBC sex partners.

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