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She says it’s just sex

She says it’s just sex, but once his huge, thick cock is buried deep inside her body, she… she changes! She growls, moans in delight, her hands clawing at his back, her legs moving, wrapping around his to keep him in place as he moves about. He doesn’t really fuck her, not yet, any ways. Rather, he let’s her body get more turned on as it tries to accommodate his huge fuck stick, licking and kissing her neck and lips, caressing her face, telling her how beautiful she is! If she calms a bit, he starts to move again, keeping her body craving more, but just giving her enough! Oh, eventually, they will let go and fuck so hard I think the bed will break, but that point is hours away! I had thought when she told me she wanted to cuckold me with a black man that it would be fast, furious, and over quickly, but this? I think he is trying to seduce her permanently! My wife says I’m just being insecure and jealous, but can you blame me? I never made her act and react this way…

She says it's just sex

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