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Shephard Girl

I have had many black men. I love them. Their cocks reach into a level inside of me-and bring the real me out. They do it as people-now as lovers. They put the truth on the line for many men-and leave nothing to guess. Indeed it is the Black King Conquest. The white women they make love to are like an extension of them -the true connection. They are like ying and yang-complete. Answering questions we all ask-we all have. Taking the power that belongs to them and claiming the truth.-White men did much to black men. So all that can be said is-Karma.Get aboard as cucholds white men-or you will lose-even what you think was yours-especially your women.

Shephard Girl

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3 thoughts on “Shephard Girl

  1. I know there is supposed to be some deep meaning here, but just because you want to justify your choices doesn’t make your stereotypes anything more than that – stereotypes. Action pics?

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